fields have eyes, and woods have ears

The urban equivalent is walls have ears.

c 1225 in Englische Studien (1902) XXXI. 8 Veld haued hege [eye], and wude haued heare—Campus habet lumen et habet nemus auris acumen.

c 1386 CHAUCER Knight’s Tale 1.1522 But sooth is seyd, go sithen many yeres, That ‘feeld hath eyen and the wode hath eres’.

1640 J. HOWELL Dodona’s Grove A4v Hedges have eares, the rurall Proverb sayes.

1738 SWIFT Polite Conversation iii. 199 ‘O, Miss; ’tis nothing what we say among ourselves.’.. ‘Ay Madam; but they say Hedges have Eyes, and Walls have Ears.’

1905 S. J. WEYMAN Starvecrow Farm xxviii. Heedful of the old saying, that fields have eyes and woods have ears, she looked carefully round her before she laid her hand on the gate.

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